About  Pixel Works
Pixel Works is the project that transforms a real scene on a computer monitor into a 1/1 scale pixel image at the spot. This is an attempt of Un-computing media art, which means “media art with no computer devices”.
With Pixel Works, the world of digitized pixel images (= world of data) displayed on the computer monitor becomes a real scene. Our gaze of seeing the scene has become a gaze that should not be possible in reality. But that is not fictional; that is a panoramic view that represents human activity. In addition, they reveal how the physical world is being rewritten and rewritten as structures of data on computers.
The feature of Pixel Works is the structure for installation. The structural feature of this work is that it is designed to look like a two-dimensional grid only when viewing the whole from a certain angle. It means that countless fragments are linked and become an image when they are viewed from one position. This symbolizes the fact that the real world is being rewritten with just lines of alphabets and figures on computers, which can form an image at only one precise point that is generated through some software and operation systems (= data world). Also it is not limited to the world of data, it is what we experience on a daily basis when we look at the world from various perspectives. Pixel Works is a spatial mechanism to question the meanings of seeing and knowing “the world.”
Along with the installation, we create the time-lapse movie that records the process of making this work. This movie is the track of Photoshop by human labor, and records pixelization process, which usually takes a moment on a computer but takes 20 or 30 days when we repeat the process in a real space.
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