2020, Video (color, silent), 11:50 min.
2020年 ビデオ(カラー、サイレント) 11分50秒
Nevermore is a project to literally paint back an ordinary scene—which is lost in the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world—in actual size by a paintbrush with chroma key processing for moving images. The fruit of this project is a video installation using time-lapse movies.
Today, virtual reality—a huge digital platform increasing the width, depth, and density rapidly—has been infiltrating into our reality. Computers often make us reconfirm replicability/un-replicability, traceability/un-traceability, reversibility/irreversibility, and momentariness/permanence of various technology, and our reality is made from intersections between them and material actuality. Nevermore plainly gives shape to the force and functionality of the image in the current “Reality” situation.
The title Nevermore is a reference to the words of the Raven in the Narrative poetry “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe.
couch, Nevermore
2020, Video (color, silent), 11:50 min.
couch, Nevermore
2020年 ビデオ(カラー、サイレント) 11分50秒
Ogasawara Toshiaki Memorial Foundation, Public Resources Foundation, Yokohama Arts Foundation
公益財団法人 小笠原敏晶記念財団、公益財団法人 パブリックリソース財団、横浜市文化芸術活動応援プログラム
Selected Exhibition
ICC Kids Program 2022: Tools for Play, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC], Tokyo, Japan
July 23–August 28, 2022
Co-Curation: KUNOH Kyoko, HATANAKA Minoru
Curatorial Team: YUBISUI Yasuko, KASHIMADA Tomoya
Exhibition Direction: KUNOH Kyoko
Hyper ICC Direction: TANIGUCHI Akihiko
Organizer:  NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)
ICC キッズ・プログラム 2022,「どうぐをプレイする Tools for Play」NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC], 東京
主催:NTTインターコミュニケーション・センター [ICC] (東日本電信電話株式会社)

Online  Screenings
Maebashi Media Festival 2020 前橋映像祭2020 (群馬県前橋市, 2020年)
Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery, 2020
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