Tracing Sites @Kaohsiung
2015, Mixed Medium, Dimension Variable
Tracing Sites is the project that traces Kaohsiung city itself, for knowing what the contemporary city is. This is also an attempt to create an Arch-typography of a contemporary city.
The contemporary city is made up of many overlapping and circulating factors such as politics, economics, ethics, history, and so on. They are huge and so complicated that they are beyond the scope of what we can “know.” Tracing Sites is an attempt to get closer to the “City” that we seem to know so well, but actually do not.
Tracing Sitesは、現代の都市を知るために、高雄市を素材にして都市そのものを写しとり、アーキタイポグラフィーを作成する試みである。現代の都市は、政治・経済・倫理・歴史など様々なものが重なり合い、循環してできあがっている。それは巨大であまりに複雑で、私たちが「知る」ということの範疇を超えている。Tracing Sitesは、よく知っているようで実は知ってはいない、「都市」に近接するための試みとなる。
Even though the contemporary city is indeed a world that exists, it appears as if it is a mixture of reality and fiction. Being in it frequently blurs the boundary between reality and fiction. This is because we are so accustomed to seeing imitations that, on a moment's notice, a real scene often looks like a theme park or a diorama. In order to understand the contemporary city itself through my own body, the Stickers drawing  <Walking around the city → Shooting time-lapse movies → Tracing the movies with drawings → Converting the drawings into five-tone pixel data → Manually attaching round office stickers to trace the data> is used to extract the "City" itself from an imaginary point of view where time and place are intertwined.
couch, Tracing Sites @Kaohsiung, 2015
Mixed Medium, Dimension Variable

19699, Pier2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2015
With support from Pier2 Art Center, Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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