Pixel Works
Koganecho Bazaar 2013, Yokohama, JPN, 2013
A corner of Koganecho is mosaicked.
The scene there is dissimilated.
The border between reality and fiction becomes ambiguous. What was the scene once like at the site? What happened there?
In a town that has changed, are there things that have not changed? Has it really changed in the first place?
What is hidden?
The actual scenery, and the scenery in collective memories.
A place that doesn't move, and time that moves on.
Now that time has passed, is it still the same site?
For the Koganecho Bazaar 2013, we created Pixel Works as the “Mosaicing on Koganecho” project. By mosaicing on a town with an “inappropriate” past, we aimed to project onto the town itself what has changed, what has not changed, and what is hidden. Rather than the history, we attempted to depict the light and shade generated by the accumulation of the activities of countless people.
Pixel Works
Koganecho Bazaar 2013, Yokohama, JPN, 2013
Water Paint, Removable Film

With support from: Koganecho Bazaar, Koganecho Area Management center, Yokohama, JPN
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