Pixel Works
2013, Water paint on removable film, water paint on wood panel, H471.5×W754.5×D260.5cm
2013年 再剥離シートに水性塗料, 木製パネルに水性塗料 H471.5×W754.5×D260.5cm
A corner of Koganecho is mosaicked.
The scene there is dissimilated.
The border between reality and fiction becomes ambiguous.
What was the scene once like at the site?
What happened there? In a town that has changed, are there things that have not changed? Has it really changed in the first place?
What is hidden?
The actual scenery, and the scenery in collective memories.
A place that does not move, and time that moves on.
Now that time has passed, is it still the same site?

For the Koganecho Bazaar 2013, we created Pixel Works as the “Mosaicing on Koganecho” project. Mosaics are usually applied to what is considered inappropriate. We thought that if we could do mosaicing on a town itself, with its "inappropriate" past, the present would be coming into view. We aimed to project onto the town itself what has changed, what has not changed, and what is hidden. Rather than the history, we attempted to depict the light and shade generated by the accumulation of the activities of countless people.
黄金町バザール2013では、「黄金町にモザイクをかける」プロジェクトとしてPixel Worksを制作した。これは、黄金町が旧赤線街として著名な場所であることに因る。モザイクは通常、不適切とされるものに施される。「不適切」な過去をもつ街そのものをモザイク処理すれば、黄金町の現在が見えてくるだろうと考えた。作品の場所は、黄金町の赤線街の起源である京急線の高架下である。周辺のある一点から眺めると、モザイク処理された黄金町の一角の実景として像を結ぶ。
couch, Pixel Works, 2013
Water paint on removable film, water paint on wood panel, H471.5×W754.5×D260.5cm
couch, Pixel Works, 2013
再剥離シートに水性塗料、木製パネルに水性塗料 H471.5×W754.5×D260.5cm

With support from Koganecho Bazaar 2013, Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama, Japan
制作協力:黄金町バザール2013, 黄金町エリアマネジメントセンター(横浜市)
Koganecho Bazaar 2013, Yokohama, Japan
September 14th[sat]-November 24th[sun], 2013
Organizer: NPO Koganecho Area Management Center / Hatsunecho-Koganecho Environmental Cleanup Initiative Committee
Co-organizer: Yokohama City


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